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About Me

Hi! I’m Aranzasú De La O, Intuitive Health Mentor

Pronounced [Ah-Rhan-Sa-Sue) I help driven men and women reverse pre-diabetes habits, and heal their relationship with their body and food through  self-care practices. I facilitate deep spiritual healing though yoga, corrective exercise, self-massage, breath strategies, mindset, and embodied functional nutrition. 💕

Having Trouble Finding a Wellness Balance?

News flash: you’re probably focusing on the wrong wellness goals (and it’s making you feel heavier, overwhelmed and miserable).

You’re Not Alone.

This guide will help you create small habits so that you can start building a healthier lifestyle.

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Open to both MEN and WOMEN. Nourish the emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects yourself in order to live truly healthy and happy. A free online community for women. 

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