Happy New Year Everybody!

Reminder: ✨ We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal ✨ -MLK ❤️🖤💛💚💙💜

It’s 2018- and I’m real excited to keep sharing all the little hacks that help me spark joy and stay committed to my mental and spiritual well-being. Here’s what I do to jumpstart my day…when I am committed to my mental & spiritual well-being, I am contributing to a better world.

  1. Make My Bed. When I make my bed, I feel like I am moving consciously and urgently to accomplish the first task of the day. This also reinforces my quest to follow through with tasks and focus. It also reminds me that little things in life matter. By the end of the day, it’s nice to see a clean and organized bed 🙂

  1. Meditate and Move. As soon as I wake up, my mind gets really active so I try to calm it down for a bit with a brief (5 to 10 min.) meditation session. When we start small, then we can feel great at establishing healthy habits. I also do some form of exercising preferably outside but if I can’t go outside, then I simply stretch in my room. I love nature and being outdoors.

  1. Write. I used to journal before bed time as a teenager to thank God for my blessings. Now, I do something kind of similar. I wake up extra early to write in the morning and let my thoughts free flow. This creative process, brings gratitude, and it’s pretty therapeutic. It helps me think non-linearly and break mental blocks. My “scribbles” as I call them, empower me and I don’t do it to ‘be productive’ or to find great ideas. I write to open up my emotions, express my truth, and sometimes I create poems out of this.

  1. Hydrate and Intermittent Fast. Water. Water. Water. I drink a lot of water upon waking up. I fill up a 12 oz mason jar before bed time and leave it in my counter so that I can add 2 tablespoons of apple cider and ½ a lemon in the morning. I fill up 2 more times and keep drinking as I am getting ready. I also boil water for my “warrior tea” as I call it. Hydrating like this and making my tea reminds me that I am preparing my mind and body for the day ahead. I drink my tea after hydrating.

Warrior Tea Recipe:

Pick a different flavor each morning! This combo is excellent for cognition and fat loss and I use about one flat teaspoon of each:

Either Early Gray, Cacao, Matcha, or Maca (I like the Numi brands). Add the hot water to your mixture and let it steep for one to two minutes.

  • Separately, add one of the following to your drinking mug: 1 tsp of coconut butter, 1 tsp MCT OIL, and 1 tbsp Collagen Protein (together will give the tea a creamy consistency).
  • Pour your tea into your mug, shake, and enjoy to-go. I grab my tea, my water jug, and go straight to work.

Keep hydrating, keep shining!

Con Amor,