Last week, I had the chance to assist my friend, mentor, and favorite movement teacher, Jill Miller at her U.S. Yoga Tune Up (YTU) Teacher training in Tarzana, CA and this was a BIG deal for me. Jill teaches a Teacher training once a year in the U.S. but it also took 7 years for me to get to the point of assisting her.

I’ve been a big fan of Jill for a long time.  She is the creator of Tune Up Fitness Worldwide brand and a pioneer in forging relevant links between the worlds of fitness, yoga, massage, athletics and pain management.  She has the number one therapy book, you might like called The Roll Model which is a bestseller around the world.

Jill’s teaching style, her perspective of the world, and her provocative-clever-loving nature as well as her deep knowledge is so fascinating to see — I just adore her.

Since that first YTU class in 2012 Yoga I’ve spent many of my vacation days and weekends training, attending workshops, and learning. Yet, I have also given myself countless guilt trips about doing this…which is the opposite of the seamless harmonic life I try to create.

Do you give yourself guilt trips for doing things that are fun, out of the ordinary, and outside of your serious and technical job?

Creativity is the cornerstone of building curiosity, growing and playfully breaking through mental blocks yet we put it aside. My hope is that will all continue to be deliberate doers and thinkers of the things we are passionate about because this actually helps us thrive in all areas of our life.

My hope is that will all continue to be deliberate doers and thinkers of the things we are passionate about because this is wha actually helps us thrive in all areas of our life.

I’m guessing that sometimes you may feel a little stressed or have been consumed with self-doubt. Like maybe what you’re creating or doing isn’t really needed. Or important. Or frankly, any good at all. I’m so with you.

Somehow, (I am sure Jill can explain better than I can) the art of anatomical terms, biomechanics, and movement shifts my subconscious, confuses the hell out of my mind and allows me to tap into my inner wisdom so that I can overcome fear and the paralyzing instinct to stop doing things that are creative. When I get anxious about not being on that “perfect path,” I come back to my breath, my Sankalpa intention, and my being. I am just getting started. 

Beyond what you might think about Yoga TuneUp, my passion for fitness and typical things you might see inside a Yoga Journal magazine. (i.e a form of practice of alignment, body awareness, and fitness), my wellness and fitness journey has been finding room to BE…just be.

Yoga Tune Up a blissful therapeutic personal development and leadership tool that I use to stand up for the integrity of my body, and fitness for me is about inclusion, self-respect and the kind of social justice that I want to see in the world.  

How? I know it’s a large serious statement and hard to grasp…but when I dig inside, move and breathe, I feel more prepared to break through self-imposed assumptions and biases about myself and the world around me. And my hope is that others will get as much out of their wellness journey, mind and body embodiment, and outlook on the world as I do. We must dig deeper for this kind of individual and collective change.

The right moment is now; the perfect path is the one you’re in right now and the world just needs our unique contribution (creative or not) at every moment no matter how insignificant in may seem.

Regardless of what you discover in your body, health and fitness in your journey, remember that we are fragile and more similar than different. Standing up for our body, our self-compassion, and our ability to reduce our own stress and anxiety while building up our mobility is health care.

Optimal wellness lies in our ability to withstand troubled personal times, political insecurity, and move through life challenges so that we can still breathe, calm our parasympathetic system, surpass self-doubt, and thrive in the midst of our mental, emotional, and physical challenges.

The alternative is anxiety, stress, the absence of self-actualization, comparison, and letting it all get out of control. Our nervous system and respiratory diaphragm is a powerful part of ourselves that can inhibit us from many things if we let our stress, anxiety and thoughts take over but learning more about it is crucial and will also help improve our intrinsic mobility. Can you relate?

Remember that you have all the strength and confidence you need to get through your most challenging times.

Thank you, as always, for reading.

Adelante! In your corner,