Hi, I'm Aranzasú.

That’s my first name! Pronounced [Ah-Rhan-Sa-Sue) I created Santa Monica Soul because it is my mission to bring awareness about the obesity and diabetes epidemic, share information, empower us all to take control of our life and make an impact on the state of the world’s health.

This community stands up for the changes I’d like to see in our health. I often think about how diabetes and obesity plague the world, and how difficult this illness is for people in the last stages of their life . This is how it was for my grandparents and it was agonizing, painful, and  horrific to see.

One healthy habit each day can bring us a step closer to living in optimal health. It starts with you. You can have a healthier mind and a balanced lifestyle, one that supports you and one where you don’t compare ourselves with other people’s progress but your own.

Our community is making big strides and we’d love for you to be part of our movement. You’ll take immediate action and our process is simple. Together we’ll make a massive impact.

We can inspire our family and surroundings. Yes, we can. We can live in optimal health, be stronger, healthier and thrive without obsessive behavior. 

You can change the legacy of your family and neighborhood because YOU are the change we need and we need it right now. Be the change you want to see in the world. I’m in your corner.

❤ – Aranzasú De La O



“Aranzasú has a wonderful ability to help your best come out of you! She is approachable and has a genuine desire to teach people how to make healthy life choices.” – Sarah Reynolds

“If you have the opportunity to work with Aranzasú, do it! – she is tremendously genuine and it shows when she speaks to you.  She is extremely knowledgeable and her sincerity is so refreshing. ” -Anna Mendoza

“Aranzasú helped me create in a few weeks what it has taken me years to try to do myself. It was invaluable to have her support and encouragement to guide my much needed full health awareness so that I can feel better about my body.” – Josefine Cruz

Aranzasú is patient, non-judgmental, loving, kind, understanding, an excellent listener, truly compassionate and committed to living a healthy life so that she can guide yours.” – Melissa Stern