About Me

Hi! I’m Aranzasu De La O. Intuitive Health Mentor.

Pronounced [Ah-Rhan-Sa-Sue) I help driven women reverse pre-diabetes habits, and heal their relationship with their body and food through coaching and self-care practices 💕 I facilitate deep spiritual healing though yoga, corrective exercise, self-massage, breath strategies, mindset, and embodied functional nutrition. 

My grandmother and grandfather passed away of diabetes and my father is diabetic. I continue to see the first-hand effects of this crippling disease, it’s especially painful at the last stages and I want to make sure all family’s are aware about this painful disease.  I know that making small daily shifts will allow you and your family to feel more vibrant, confident, and happy.

With a background in public policy, nutrition, yoga and fitness, I transform women’s lives, bring purposeful loving self-care strategies to heal your relationship with their body and food so that together we efficiently solve the obesity and diabetes epidemic. I encourage your active participation in your health so that our society can thrive 💕

I’m in your corner.

❤ – Aranzasú De La O


My Approach

One healthy habit each day brings us a step closer to living in optimal health.

It is possible to have a healthier mind, body and a balanced lifestyle, one that is compassionate and one where we focus on our progress not perfection. 

YOU are the change we need right now. Be the change you want to see in the world. Change the legacy of your family and your neighborhood.


Unique Framework

Weight loss is more than just eating right, dieting, detoxing, and cutting sugar temporarily. It’s about bringing awareness of our mind and body and changing our lifestyle. 

We don’t have to get all the results we’ve been craving for at this moment.

Not everything has to be done today.

But we can commit to make one small shift today to transform the rest of our life.

I empower you to build a lifestyle around YOU and YOUR goals. I give you tools to cultivate compassion around your whole unique self so that you maintain long-term habits and get results.

Santa Monica Soul

Created by Aranzasú De La O


Feel Good, Day and Night.

Sounds simple, right? but I know it’s not.
In order to connect the emotional, spiritual,
and mental fabrics of our being,
I created a community to help us.


Our goals is is to help you develop a lifestyle that promotes health, wholeness, self-acceptance, healing and inclusion for all so that we can all thrive. Together we can combat the diabetes and obesity epidemic affecting more than 1.9 billion adults in the world, through incremental change in our individual habits.