Last month, I got a beautiful reminder of just how transformative it is when you surround yourself with people who play full out.

If you didn’t know, I had the opportunity to go to  Maui.


Nature at every breath
Expansive skies
Lushes ecosystems

But the vegetable farm overlooking the ocean and the people there were the highlight of my trip.

I can’t wait to tell you more…



Of course it was enchanting and mesmerizing…crawling, hiking and jumping through jumbo rocks  along creeks, strolling through water, and roping down steep terrains to end in the most insane and majestic waterfalls!

Yet, the vegetable farm….

The smiles of the women tending the land, the delectable vegan dinners with vegetables straight from the garden were mouthwatering! It was at this place where I felt in the flow of nature, and deeply relaxed.

It’s amazing what nature can do for the parasympathetic nervous system. It felt like time had stopped and I didn’t have one worry in the world.


Upon arriving at the farm, one of the leading ladies of the farm, greeted us and with a coca leaf. She yanked a piece off the tree, chewed on it, and told us to taste it so needless to say, I loved her immediately! And then I ate this passion fruit, banana, and lychee, I found on the ground 🙂

Here’s my biggest takeaway. (Besides the magic of  finding passion fruits and lychee on the ground, omg, look above 🙂

Yes, we got our adrenaline nature fix.

But being in proximity to that level of passion from people at the vegetation farm— both to observe how present they were without electronics and eat incredible food that they grew meant that — I couldn’t help but walk away feeling 100X more inspired to make conscious efforts each day to be more present.

I try compartmentalize the time I spend behind electronics as much as possible and work on letting go of the guilt of attending to the basic mundane tasks at home and work as well as the privilege I get to exercise and prepare healthy meals.

I also came home to our little dog full of inspired excitement to take him on sunset bike rides and be more connected to nature with him. Even our little walks through the streets mean a lot!

Passionate people who presently play FULL OUT are a gift to this world.

Each of us can engage with our work and life at that extraordinary level no matter what we do. Each of us has the opportunity to infuse a more playful total heart, mindful presence and commitment like the lady’s at the farm.


Let’s be more playful and present in how we do our day to day tasks, but also develop a sense of humor for all the “mistakes” we are making. We’re all just learning.

Don’t be so hard on yourself and surround yourself with people who are more playful than you….my guy is very adventurous and playful and he masterplanned this trip. So grateful!

Thank you so much for reading.