1. Took writing classes which opened up my imagination. I write/freestyle for 20 minutes at the crack of dawn before I do anything. It’s a creative and therapeutic practice that has helped me think non-linearly, break mental blocks, and pumps me up when I see a poem or story I can create.

2. Meditation and Mass. I meditate for 5 minutes when I wake up and 10 minutes before bedtime. I started going to mass too! Community devotion has heightened my faith. It’s key to my wellness.

3. Spent lots of time in nature and started running! I started doing sunrise hikes and one day I just started running.  I can run up a mountain for at least 6-7 minutes now which is a big deal for me. And now I look forward to my nature time alone in the mornings. I either run, do stairs, or walk on the beach.

4. Make food on the weekends. Which is to say, I make something edible that I can have for lunch or dinner through the week, including my own homemade almond milk.

5. Drink a lot of water before consuming anything. Almost 6-7 cups of water! I drink lemon water with apple cider vinegar then I intermittently fast until at least 1:00pm with three cups of either matcha, hot cocoa, or maca. I add coconut butter, mct oil, and protein. I have a meal around 1pm.

6. Started dancing Salsa after a long hiatus. After 5 years of hip-hop, I am diving into Salsa again. It uplifts my spirit to dance with musics of my heritage plus I feel free and feminine. There’s also a lot of life lessons I learn on the Salsa dance floor.

7. Stopped eating meat 99% of the time, most of which is injected with hormones, raised and killed in inhumane and unsanitary conditions. I am finally 100% certain of what my body loves and feels more energetic. I reserve eating meat when I travel out of the country or for special recipes my parents make.

8. Had my first Kambo and Ayahuasca experiences as well as an astro reading.

9. Committed to therapy for the first time. Sometimes I looked forward to it and sometimes I don’t. Therapy has helped uncover patterns in decision I’ve made and helped me organize my thoughts with a weekly hour of guidance and reflection.

10. Uninstalled the Facebook application on my phone. I kept  IG but I also uninstall it sometimes, and thus, when I think about someone, I go back and engage in a thoughtful way to see how they are doing.

11. Traveled a lot this year spontaneously. I went to Ibiza, Madrid, San Sebastian (the Basque Country) and am now writing from my favorite place on earth, Yucatan, Mexico! (i.e the Mexican Caribbean – Tulum, Playa Del Carmen, and Cancun).

12. Phone sleeps outside of my bedroom. I only sleep near my plant and a glass of water. I don’t respond to things immediately but I try my best to be considerate of people’s timely requests.

Con Amor,