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I am ❤️’n  my new Persian workouts these day.

So. Damn. Hard. 

When I am done, I just want to devour food and tell the world a few things about how important a healthy mindset is in our wellness journey.

During the workout recently I had a flashback about how I saw myself as a young girl and it was triggered by a visibly buff woman in front of me who reminded me of my strong athlete friends in high school. Her legs seemed so muscular and I just assumed she was strong.

I think I said “Wow, she’s strong, I’m not strong like that”

Incredible how I was quick to underestimate myself.

Do you ever do this?

I do this more often than I would like.

I realize I have compared myself to other people for way too long. 

After this passing thought, my eyes glanced at the balcony where I like to stretch and do my own workouts and saw myself there, strong through unintended visualization.

I quickly snapped out of it and powered through the rest of the workout.

From this experience, I have more clear memories of how I have disempowered myself in the past and it’s been bugging me.

Do you see yourself with love and kindness or do you focus on what you DON’T have?

The truth is I am strong and so are you 💕

Which is why I think our new Women’s Group  is soooo important.

“I am grateful to be breathing.
I am grateful to be walking, running and jumping on these strong, powerful legs.
I am grateful to be able to use these arms to stretch, carry, hug and hold.”

The inner mental work we do is really important in our health and wellness.

Repetitive negative thoughts can really hinder our progress and greatly affects our self-esteem, so shower your mind with thoughts that heal and empower you.

Our health does not optimally function without a strong mindset and a healthy nervous system. Stacking all of these pieces together bring us closer to our highest expression of ourselves. 

I am committed to strengthen my cognitive muscles these days, which means I pay closer attention to my thoughts, how I do things and how I treat myself.

Let’s not disempower ourselves.

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In Love and Health,

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