My Philosophy

Join our movement. You are the change the world needs right now…Eat delicious meals and have fun moving!

My philosophy is about committing to longevity & self-care. My mother has always said: “Do it with Love, or don’t bother doing it.” and this is the approach I take with everything I do and my own health.

We can heal and we can all thrive in our lives with good food and less sugar.

The Santa Monica Soul lifestyle is about wholeheartedly taking charge of our own wellbeing. It’s not about long hours in the gym, it’s not about being super strict with food and dieting all the time… It’s about eating the right foods and feeling healthier, happier, stronger and maintaining that lifestyle forever.

I emphasize the importance of good digestion, limiting sugar, the virtues of probiotics and eating more whole foods as oppose to process foods less drawing on my own experiences of eating in my busy life. I constantly think about how to make healthy eating affordable and accessible to busy people and I share exercising tips, Yoga Tune Up, and flying at the Santa Monica rings in hopes that it all inspires you.

xo – Aranzasu