It all started being born in a family of diabetics. My grandmother and grandfather passed away of diabetes and my father is diabetic. Our family constantly looked out for sugar in our meals, stayed away from processed foods, and tried to create healthier versions of the food we love. We hiked a lot as a family and we each kept a busy life with sports. We prepped and cooked food as a family, which connected us and heightened our appreciation for our Mexican heritage


Leading a holistic lifestyle has allowed me to thrive in high-level stressful situations. From Harvard University to Wall Street, losing members of my family, and coping with normal anxiety. I leaned stronger to healthy eating and fitness to feel stronger.

I graduated from Harvard University with a Masters in Public Policy (Government & Business). I worked in Wall Street, (S&P-500), providing credit ratings for public finance deals and I was the Managing Director of the Harvard Journal of Hispanic Policy. I also helped aggregate and analyze data for the first Wellbeing Score Card  at the City of Santa Monica.

I have managed many things at once in my life since I was very young. Thankfully I had health and fitness tools that help me get through most of my challenges. My parents are tenacious warriors and they are my role models. I like to think of myself that way too and my mother has consistently encouraged me to never stop dancing. Dance, health and fitness are survival for me.

I learned about nutrition, Ayurveda, Macrobiotics, and Plant-based eating through nutritionists and my own body. I am an intuitive eater and an analyst at heart, so I love researching all things related to health and fitness studies, performance, and productivity.  I have a Yoga TuneUp  teacher certification and knowing how to take care of my body brings awareness of my own mental blocks and builds my confidence.  I attribute most of my successes to this and I draw inspiration from my incredible parents who are relentless hardworking people who love food and fitness and are my biggest supporters.

I hope my story and the information I share, builds your confidence and helps you get through tough challenges in your life.  

Thank you for reading about my journey!