Santa Monica Soul Principles

  • Think positively. Being healthy is about strengthening your all around mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health.
  • Be gentle. Their are no ideal body types, quick fixes, and diets. Social media is highly addictive and counter productive when you compare yourself to other. So center yourself back to a gentle positive thought.
  • Listen to your own body. A single blanket way of eating will not work for everybody. Each and every person has unique needs.
  • Be an intuitive eater. Make seasonal changes according to what feels good for you.
  • Make long-term lifestyle changes.  Treat yourself to healthy delicious meals without depriving yourself.
  • Enjoy indulgences. Eat junk food in moderation.
  • Prepare meals. Start with easy recipes that don’t take long to make and taste delicious to you.
  • Have faith. Believe in your gifts and potential to change your own life.