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The Santa Monica Soul (def.): Where Heart meets Health and Happiness.

Hi, I’m Aranzasu De La O. In case you’re wondering, my first name is pronounced [AH-RHAN-SA-SUE]. My name is basque, I am American of Mexican heritage and was born and raised in Santa Monica, CA. 😊

 Here to make sure our families don’t lose track of basic ways of nourishing our mind, body, and soul.

I started this community to bring light to the worldwide diabetes and obesity epidemic plagued by sugary processed foods and lack of movement. I empower women to eat healthy, move more, and get stronger. 

Why Santa Monica SOUL?

Santa Monica and my family are some of my biggest inspirations. 🌊

Santa Monica reminds me of my grandmother, my parents, and all of the learning opportunities I had growing up.

From attending excellent public schools to participating in art and sports programs such as swimming, karate, acting, dancing, music you name it ….all of these experiences paved my passion for higher education, healthy living, and fitness.

Coincidentally, Santa Monica has become a pinnacle of health and wellness industries but Santa Monica was very different for me growing up. My healthy lifestyle started at home, with my family. My mom instilled a basic way of cooking wholesome traditional Mexican meals from scratch with wholefoods and my dad inspired a love for hiking, push-ups, and intellectual curiosity. 

I empower women to eat healthy, move more, and get stronger.

By feeling our best, making things easy, tasty and fun we can revolutionize our life and our healthcare system.

Con cariño,

Aranzasú De La O